Mr Beer 1st Batch

14 Jan

So on a whim I decided to enter the world of home-brew. Well that and Woot just so happened to have a special on the Mr. Beer Premium Edition. So here is my first attempt. Lets see how it goes!

This is the kit as it arrived from

Here is the fermenter

And here are the bottles.

The kit was designed to be ready to go, it contained the fermenter, 8 1 – liter bottles, the complete ingredients for the West Coast Pale Ale (including the sanitizer) and some stickers and instruction booklet. More info can be found on

While I was waiting for my Woot order to arrive I learned that Bed Bath and Beyond was having a sale on Mr. Beer Deluxe (same as premium but without bottles) so I picked that up as well. In addition I ordered some premium beers from for future brews.

Here is the First Pitch Pilsner and Dubliner Irish Stout kit. The nice part about having two Mr. Beer fermenters is that I can have two beers going at once! Which is what I did.

Sanitation and the correct equipment are key. The videos on are critical to this first step.

As you can see I have sanitized the 1 cup, spoon, can opener, thermometer and a holding container.

This is the Deluxe kit ready to go. Notice that this is just one can of Hopped Malt Extract with a package of booster.

The instructions are straightforward for this brew and really once everything is sanitized its pretty simple. I used 2 gallons of cold spring water but stuck to the recipe and instructions.

The wort just after the yeast was mixed in.

So that’s really it. I pitched my yeast at 70 degrees and it is now fermenting nicely in my basement at 67 degrees. The instructions say to ferment for a week but in the fine print recommend at least 14 days, so that’s what I will do!

West Coast Pale Ale w/Pale Export
This recipe will produce 8 quarts of beer in approximately 2 weeks.Incorporate the crisp, clean and refreshing taste of the West Coast Pale Ale with the traditional continental style of the golden colored Pale Export UME to create an American style cream ale.REFILL INCLUDES:
1 Can West Coast Pale Ale (HME)
1 Can Pale Export (UME)
1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME)
1 Packet No-Rinse Cleanser


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